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    Christmas Decorations

    It’s officially the Christmas season and I could not be more excited! After we got married, I said we should make it a tradition to wait until after Thanksgiving to put our tree and decorations up, but l quickly realized that I just can’t wait that long! This year I put our tree up about a week before Thanksgiving. I love decorating for Christmas and it makes me so happy seeing the tree and all the other decor up, so I say the earlier they’re up, the better! Plus, living in Alaska, once the snow falls (and sticks) it already feels like the holidays to me. Haha.

    I like to come up with different color themes every year so our tree doesn’t always look the same. The first year we were married, I did gold and silver. The next year was navy blue, white, and silver. The year after that was red, green, and gold. And last year was navy blue, white, and rose gold. I like to look on Pinterest for inspiration and I totally fell in love when I saw black and white Christmas decor. There’s something so timeless about black and white — you can never go wrong!

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