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The Canlas Family officially has a new family car! Say hello to our new 2017 Toyota Highlander!

To be honest, we really weren’t on the market to look for a new car because I wanted to wait until next year after our RAV4 is fully paid off. But while we were at the Toyota dealership getting an oil change for the RAV4 back in June (it was actually the same day we took Jaiden to the ER and he was admitted to the hospital), Danny Ray and I decided to look just for fun. 

We had every intention of getting a 4Runner. We decided a while back that that was what we wanted to get. I think I even mentioned it in a previous blog post. But when we saw the interior of the Highlander, we were sold! They didn’t have exactly what we were looking for at the dealership, so we actually custom ordered it. This is the Hybrid Limited Platinum edition. 

Jasmine was so excited to try out her new seat!

While I love the RAV4, when we installed Jaiden’s car seat, it suddenly felt very small. Their car seats take up almost the entire back row and the only way you can sit in the middle is if you are really skinny or you sit sideways. Lol. Our stroller also takes up the majority of the space in the trunk, so you can’t fit much else back there. 

What I love about our new Highlander is the fact that it has a third row, so now when my family comes to visit, we don’t have to drive two cars to go places. We also opted for Captain’s chairs vs. bench seating in the second row which makes it a lot less crowded. 

Isn’t it beautiful?!

If you’re looking for a great family car, I definitely recommend the Highlander! We haven’t even had it for 24 hours but I love it so much already!

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